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Dev Blog Entries:
Blog Entry #1: Research, Pre-production & Writing.
Blog Entry #2: Prototype Out A Year Ago Today: Full Game development!
Blog Entry #3: Unity & Future Plans

About The Game:

The Endless Night is a 2d Adventure game that takes place “somewhere” out in a fictional version of the southwestern/western United States. The story line of the game revolves around a hitchhiker who has set out on a road trip in search of himself and the American dream..

Traveling along an old highway.. (which is inspired by Route 66).. the player encounters a disintegrating world with a once fruitful past. The new interstate has made the old road obsolete along with many of its businesses and towns. The player will encounter various obstacles and unique characters each with their own struggles as he attempts to make his way further west in search of whatever it is he’s looking for… Soon after his adventure begins he finds himself stuck in a mysterious desert town where a lot of weird things are going on..

WAIT! hold on… this is sorta sounding depressing isn’t it?

The locations and characters that the player will encounter are anything, but boring or depressing… The game is filled with humor, strange locations and weird characters. Visit odd roadside attractions… Converse with interesting locals.. keep a look out for weird lights in the sky..UFO’s or government conspiracy? The Endless Night is a game largely inspired by The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Kolchak The NightStalker & The X-files.

The game is chock full of references to American tv, movies, music and popular culture.. Do you like Jimmy Stewart? well.. hes not in the game.. but…. a 6 foot tall rabbit is..  and who is that guy that reminds me of Leslie Nielsen living down in a cave so sure that the world is coming to an end?

YEAH so? What about the Gameplay?:
Yes.. the Gameplay is reminiscent of classic adventure games of the past that you may or may not have played… and may or may not have liked.. and yes once again out of the numerous indie titles you’ve probably read about this is yet another one of those games which does owe inspiration to old Lucas Arts & Sierra games. Although I hope to avoid some certain things that used to drive me crazy about Adventure games… SUCH AS.. pixel hunting & overly complex puzzles that make you want to scream or worse look up the solutions to on the internet… and other uhh things.. And yes.. Most likely the graphic style will be pixel art, but I havent decided yet.. so….

Here is the prototype a year later.. after its been done for a year.. oopsies..


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